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I would like to introduce you to Bikeboards, created by a group of people who love winter biking, and who are always looking to push the limits for even more winter fun.  BikeBoards provide the newest way to ride your bike on the snow. BikeBoards products are the best for all types of board biking; bike touring, backcountry or free-styling.  After a great deal of teamwork and endless efforts, our custom BikeBoards ski design is ready for any use. Our current team members are adventure cyclists from the Front Range and Western Slope regions of Colorado. What's your next adventure? 

Bike Touring

Board biking is about taking bikes on greater adventures, expanding the opportunities for biking, and creating new challenges and fun.  For avid riders, pushing through snow is part of the challenge, but so is completing the journey.  BikeBoards allow you to ride farther with more stability and control.  In conditions where the snow is too deep to ride, BikeBoards allow the bike to float instead of sinking.  Get more from your effort, save energy, and go farther.


BikeBoards provides the newest way to travel on snow, with a BikeBoards ski that can be used on any size tire! It’s not a snow bike or a conversion kit. With a simple push of any tire into our custom boot, you will be off and enjoying the newest sport.  In backcountry powder, the ski packs the snow creating a base and footprint for the rear tire to follow.  Without the ski, both tires sink and you lose stability and momentum.

You can put one ski on the front wheel and off you go; or use two, one on front and one on back, and find your favorite hill and shred! BikeBoards skis allow you to go places impassable with just a bike. When the snow is too deep for any bike, two boards will float the bike so you don’t have to drag or push through the snow.

Free Styling

BikeBoards are quick and easy to use on your own bike. You just pop the tire into the boot.  The kit is adjustable to fit any bike tire from a BMX to Fatbike.  Check out the video for shots riding a 29'er and fatbike, with one or two boards.  Apply your summer riding skills to year round biking.  For my airdogs, any thrill you can imagine, make it yours.  Apply your riding skills to riding in snow and expand your ride. 

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