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Swellpro make the First and the Ultimate Waterproof Drone

Before 2013, the founder of Swellpro, Eric Hu has been dedicated to the Research and Development of Waterproof Cameras and Hobby Plane for many years. In 2013, Eric Hu came up with the idea of inventing waterproof drones when he travelled to the Caribbean islands and witnessed a drone crashing into the sea. When Eric came back to China, he began to design and manufacture a waterproof drone.

After Eric Hu comes back to China, he starts “FPV Factory” (which was the predecessor to Swellpro) with a group of RC aircraft experts, and exploit waterproof drone in the meantime. In initial stage, the whole team went through countless obstacles, use various solutions, and conquer countless obstacles, such as how to make the drone hovering with a sealed body, how to do heat dissipation, use what kind of dynamical system, etc…The gratifying thing is, we overcome all this issues, and apply for serious of related patents.

Until today, Swellpro’s waterproof gimbal remains as a big achievement and success, and a big difficulty that few of others are capable of overcoming.As time went by, the team at Swellpro even developed a new flight controller on their own, for their own requirements, instead of buying a ready-made one, to make the drones adapt to various tough conditions, supper easy to use, as well as helpful to make mass production.

For 4 years, Swellpro has proceeded to create a robust product lineup, a strict QC system, and, as a result, has sold more than 6,000 waterproof drones through its distribution channels, in all major countries of America, Europe, Oceania and Asia.

For 4 years, Swellpro’s team has kept listening to their customers, frequently improving their existing products, and designing new products, we are building up a global support network system to offer a localized, quick repair and customer service.

Mariner drones and Splash drones have produced thousands of videos and photos, including beautiful coastal landscapes, thrilling moments of water-sports, rarely-seen marine creatures, unforgettable sailing trips and luxury yachts … these can be seen on all of the various social media.

However, Swellpro is not only about filming. Swellpro are also the creators and pioneers of drone fishing. The Splash drone has been an advanced all weather flying platform with the capabilities of search rescue and nature conservation.

As time has progressed, and the technology has advanced, and Swellpro, as a company has expanded and grown, with very hard working and committed staff, from the R&D team, the design engineers, the production department, the sales team, and last, but certainly not least, the quality assurance and control departments.

Eric Hu, as CEO of Swellpro continues to lead the company, and, as a company, Swellpro is growing rapidly, and focusing on new innovations, and going from strength to strength in their endeavor, to produce high quality waterproof drones, and other products, for you…..Swellpro’s valued customer.

To be continued...

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items