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SwellPro Splash Drone 3 Fisherman Version


Splash drone 3 fisherman is the most advanced waterproof fishing drone that comes with PL2 payload release for bait dropping on the surf.

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The Most Serious Fishing Drone

Since Splash drone dropped the world's first bait on the west coast of New Zealand, in 2015, drone fishing has gone crazy all over the planet. To let more anglers like you join the new game, we make the Splash Drone 3 Fisherman, the killer fishing drone with a dedicated line release mechanism. It is much easier to use than the previous versions. Being waterproof and salt-resistant as always, the Splash drone 3 has more power and better abilitiy to handle all weathers and all environments. Extended casting range and multiple bait release increase your catch rate. The new quick-attach release system skyrockets the efficiency, and the included camera lens even allows you to record high-quality video, while you are flying the baits out. Surf fishing with Splash drone 3 is easy, fast, worry-free and so much fun.

Precision Fishing Line Release

You don't need to kayak to break the waves. Splash drone 3 fisherman is engineered to deliver a long fishing line up to 1 kilometer and land your baits or lures on your desired spot, where you can't normally approach. Unlike some DIY drone fishing rigs randomly released by self-tension, or swinging the dorne in a certain way, the PL2 release mechanism that is factory-fitted on the Splash drone precisely drops things with a simple flick of a switch on the remote controller. It was built perfectly in tune with the aircraft, and doesn't compromise the flight performance and imaging quality. You never have to risk your photography drone for surf fishing with a third-party-made bait dropper.

10X Baits Dropping at a Time

Not just drop a single bait, with the up to 1kg deadlift payload capacity of Splash drone 3, this means that you can carry more than 10 hook baits out on one line. Or you can lift up a single bait when hunting sharks or even a live-bait for monster tuna. Made from high precision CNC aluminum and steel, the release attachment is designed for heavy lifts. Despite the payload, it takes just a moment to fly the fishing line beyond the shallow waters and out to the strike zone. Normally 3-5 times of bait dropping can be done in a single drone's battery charge (depending on the distance). The high propulsion system and the efficient design multiply the efficiency of surfcasting much more than ever before.

Fish Finder Camera

One of the keys to a successful drone fishing is to know where the fish are and understand the underwater terrain. To make that easy, we fix a waterproof camera lens onto the PL2. The lens has a 120° field of view, which greatly increases your scope of vision. The Sony CCD lens sensor 800TVL(720P) provides video with excellent dynamic range, which is good for identifying the color contrast on the sea. The low light sensitivity feature allows you to see clearly what's happening beneath the waves when the camera goes underwater. With Splash drone 3, you can easily survey the topography from a bird-eye-view, quickly spotting fish schools and watch fish movement, while the aircraft is ready with bait or lures for the drop.

Some anglers is also enthusiastic about photography & videography, and therefore demand some epic, smooth footages, whether it is for drone fishing from beach or boat fishing. We have listened to them and made the PL3 drop mechanism with a 4K camera and one-axis stabilization. The camera can be tilted within 90° right from the controller and enables the function of capturing photo and video. So now, you can record your once-in-lifetime catch from a new perspective and show off to your friends or via social media.

Drone Hunting on Live

An first-person-view LCD screen is built in the remote controller, instantly displaying a live video feed from the camera of Splash drone 3. The video transmission ranges up to 1KM via a 5.8Ghz wireless system. With very low video delay, you can always see what the drone see by looking at the live video on the screen, and together with the instantly updated flight data on the screen such as distance, height, speed and battery voltage. Everything is at your command. Those on-screen displays help you determine the orientation of the aircraft, how many more drops you can have, and most importantly, when and where you need to release the hook.

100% Waterproof

What if something goes wrong and the drone gets dunked in the water? Even no water crash occurs, the moisture and salt in the air around the sea can also corrode the electronics. To avoid those threats, we make every part of Splash drone 3 fisherman to be 100% waterproof and sea-water friendly. Can't find a good place to launch the drone? Just take it off on the water as it is buoyant. Can't tell where the fish are from above the water? Why not land it on the water and get a submarine-view of the underwater world. Harnessing a robust 3mm ABS fuselage, Splash Drone 3 is a fishing robot that is able to survive through various marine environments and is far more rugged than most of the consumer drones around the world.

All Weather Proof

Wind and torrential rain can be a real challenge for flying drones near coast. To prevent excessive drifting under strong wind force, we arm the Splash drone 3 with a robust 450mm quadcopter frame, high torque 620KV motors, and full carbon fiber propellers. The new propulsion combo provides tremendous horsepower, driving the drone to withstand winds up to 30mph. The new flight controller is also recoded with various tough conditions in mind. The fully-sealed body is rainproof, dustproof and even freeze-proof. When it comes to ice fishing, the extreme cold temperature won't cause any issue to the Splash drone. No matter what the weather or the environment is, nothing stands in the way of your next fishing trip.

Ease of Use

You don't need to be a dedicated pilot. We've simplified the use of Splash drone 3 fisherman to the greatest extent so that every angler can fly like a pro within a very short period of time. With the help of GPS and an array of sensors, Splash drone is able to autonomously and precisely hover at its current position and altitude just like a rock. Differing from the auto version, the fishing version of Splash drone discards all the redundant parts which don't contribute much to bait delivery, along with additional weight reduction and cost saving. The redesigned remote controller is clean without overwhelming buttons or switches. The quick attach design of release mechanism minimizes the setup time. Attaching line into the mechanism just takes a flick of a switch. After dropping your bait at sea, a single return-home switch makes Splash drone fly back to the starting point all by itself. Then, all you need to do is waiting for the monster to bite!Now is the time to add Splash drone 3 fisherman into your fishing tackles and increase your catch-rate like never before!

  • Auto-Hover
  • Auto-Land
  • Auto-Return-Home




  • Splash drone 3 fisherman is fully waterproof, ready to work in both fresh and salt water, able to land and float on the surface.
  • It is able to survive in all kinds of tough weathers such as rains, snow, storm.
  • With 1kg payload capacity, Splash drone 3 is able to carry more than 10 hooks and baits at a time or even lift up a small fish.
  • The remote controller offers safe and precise release of fishing baits in desired locations.
  • The release mechanism is a quick-attach structure. Line set-up just takes a few seconds
  • An FPV waterproof HD camera is incorporated into the PL2 release mechanism for live video transmission.
  • The max flight range is more than 1 kilometer, filght time is up to 18 minutes, which enable bait delivery to any unreachable areas.
  • New 620kv motors and quick release durable carbon fiber propellers gives tremendous power, driving the Splash drone to drag the fishing line in a stable condition.
  • The new Splash drone 3 remote controller is completely redesigned with a built-in FPV monitor for live video feed, extremely easy to use without any RC experience.
  • With the help of GPS and several sensors, Splash drone can automatically hover, land or return to the take off point at the beach.


The Fisherman version comes with PL2 payload release by default. If you who wants to record high-quality video during bait dropping, please select the option of PL3.

PL2 - release devcie with a fixed HD camera, only for live video preview.

PL3 - release device with a 4K camera and one axis stabilization, photo and video capturing functions enabled.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Splashdrone 3 aircraft,
  • 1 x set of quick detachable carbon fiber propeller,
  • 1 x FPV radio controller,
  • 1 x set of landing gear,
  • 1 x Carry case,
  • 1 x 5200mAh Battery,
  • 1 x Balance charger,
  • 1 x Waterproof payload releaser with FPV camera.


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SwellPro Splash Drone 3 Fisherman Version

SwellPro Splash Drone 3 Fisherman Version

Splash drone 3 fisherman is the most advanced waterproof fishing drone that comes with PL2 payload release for bait dropping on the surf.

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